Thursday, July 19, 2007

I was just browsing around and I came across this page that has different skull every day. Well, July 10th was a skull made out of tea so it gets a mention.

It wasn't the coolest thing on the page but it was the most "Tea." (That means if you think this is "kind of cool" or only "nifty" you'll really like the spoon or the old books) Go take a look around.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Not a thing to do with it.

Just for the record I have absolutely nothing to do with the new page

I have nothing good nor bad to say about them, but do not think that I now have my own company and try to support me in my wonderful new business.

I do hope that they wind up being a nice company to do business with and have nice teas. Unfortunately they will probably be sending me a note to take this page down. That will not happen though. Since I started this first there should be no reason to do so, and if they happen to take issue with what is posted on here or may be on this page in the future that would be unfortunate as I've kept it rather visible since day one.

Oh, and "Howdy Everybody!!!"

Friday, December 30, 2005

The YiXing You Have, Is Better Than the YiXing You Don't.

While we are on the topic of holiday presents and YiXing teapots here is a photo of a great new addition to my tea drinking vessels. My girlfriend picked this "Small Pumpkin YiXing Clay Teapot" up for me online as a Christmas present this year. And while I think it's quite cute and I've been having some wonderful Formosa Oolong in it, it did cost me a few hours sleep on Christmas morning.

I have one of those minds that tend to have hard time settling down and may decide to rehash things that happened the previous day. Usually it happens as I'm going to bed and can be overcome by a good stretch or some such yogic exercise. This time it happened after several hours of sleep had passed. I was anxious to try out the teapot apparently and my mind started to think about it and something my girlfriend said rang a bell in my head. She had said, "It's a little smaller than I was expecting." and although that's never really something you want to hear from your girlfriend I was quite certain that she was referring to the teapot.

Suddenly I was awake in a way that cannot be ignored. My mind was wandering into thoughts like "Did she say that because it was so expensive?" and "Where did this come from?" Not for any distrust of my girlfriend but I know that there are a lot of disreputable places online and I've seen more than a few places selling YiXing teapots for twice or even thrice the going price. Now I'm not referring to legitimate collector quality teapots, I mean the exact same brand and obviously from the same shop but way more expensive. My girlfriend could tell that I liked the present and it wouldn't be like her to spoil it by saying something like "Those bastards ripped me off! @$#@! We're sending that back with a one way ticket to hell!!!!"

By now it's 5AM and I know that I'm not going to get back to sleep until I know whether or not I'm going to say something like that myself. She's fast asleep and I not going to wake her to ask, "How much did my present cost?" so I went to the computer and looked it up. I was quite relieved at her fiscal choice and went back to sleep quite comfortably for a few more hours.

She was shocked but not surprised when I told her what I had done. Although I didn't want to part with it, if she had been ripped off I would gladly have waited another month or so while we returned it and bought the same one from another company for a reasonable price if need be.

I know that all YiXing teapots should be unique and while I accept and appreciate that it would seem that the picture they have online is very different from the one I wound up with. Most noticeable is that the baby pumpkin on my teapot is not orange (visible near the bottom of the handle on mine) and the shape is much more round on their example photo. Like I said, I can appreciate the minute differences of each and every one but the colored orange thing does bother me since I know that details like that are probably what made her choose this one in the first place.

It makes a nice little cup of tea as I've been noticing and that is foremost in my judgment of a nice teapot. I am a little worried about a tiny little line in the center bottom of the pot that I don't recall seeing before yesterday (I did a rather thorough examination of it and it's a very fine flaw if it is one. Most people probably wouldn't even be able to see it.) I'm not sure if it's the beginning of a crack or even if that is something I should worry about. I've heard many a story about famous teapots that were broken then placed back together and made all the better for it. It's not like I've done anything out of the ordinary to it. For now I'm going to go with the assumption that many cups of tea in it will absorb into it making it an attractive character trait. As long as it doesn't start leaking I'm all good.

Now go have a cup.

You Can't Have a TeaBlog Without a Teapot Photo or Two.

While we're at the old camera, here are some pictures of a couple of my favorite teapots.

The one on the left was given to me by my Grandmother on her birthday from her china collection. It is of unknown origin and I'm quite curious since she hadn't been a tea drinker her self for over forty years. On its base is a simple marking of three leaves. I've done some serious looking online but I don't really have a knack for searching for "symbols" and if you happen to type in "three leaves" you're not going to get very far. Regardless of its origin it makes a fine cup of tea and I thank my Grandmother for every cup I can have from it. I like to think that that was the present she wanted for her birthday.

The one on the right came to me as a birthday present from my girlfriend this year. We had driven about 40 miles to get to a store that had a blue YiXing teapot that I had commented on many a time only to discover that it had finally been purchased. While we were in town we did a little antiquing and found this beauty for a mere fifteen dollars. It came with four cups like the one show (No, I have not broken the others.) that have a wonderful weight and feel to them. They are some of the only cups I've seen that succeed in having art on the inside of the cup without it looking forced or out of place. The set was obviously never used and still new. It probably cost whoever bought it new around fifty dollars. This is the best example I can come up with for the saying "One mans trash..." This is especially treasured since it really was a very random find, and if the original teapot were available I would not have it.

Although I love both of these teapots they haven't managed to earn a naming like our good friend "Earl" the thermos of goodwill. Although, they probably will someday due to the strange ways they came into my possession.

How about you, any tea-ware come your way through interesting means? You know I love that kind of stuff.

Now go have a cup.

Stemware, by Request a Photo

It was requested a while ago by Steph of "Steph's Cup of Tea" that I put a picture of the alleged stemware up for viewing. Sorry it took so long to respond I've been rather removed from my computer lately.

The pitcher on the left is "Earl."

One of these mugs is not like the others, "Can you tell which one?"