Wednesday, October 19, 2005

This Really Tee's Me Off!

Ever since I came across the whole smoking tea bags things I've been keeping my eyes on Canada. I learned long ago to trust a hunch as they usually pay off. It would seem that the revolution is coming and Canada is leading the charge.

I've been planning to post on this for a few days now but was having a bit of a hard time finding the Teasire angle on the story. Should I go with the "Canadians are sooo crazy?" How about "What's next, fertilize your wife with tea?" Well actually that's not too far from it since it would seem a lot of men are practically married to their local golf course. I've probably got your attention by now so I'd better get on with it.

It would seem that companies using tea as compost are popping up all over. And it's not just for nuts like me who will put tea on anything just to see what happens. A company called Earth Elixer Quality Compost Teas is one of them. One of their customers happens to be the Cordova Bay Golf Course in Victoria, British Columbia.

In March they started spraying their 16th and 17th fairways and greens with this brew and are having good results so far. Apparently their motivation was to find a better way to fight the harmful fungal growth that can plague any golf course by encouraging the growth of beneficial aerobic bacteria and fungi.

It sounds perfectly reasonable to me, and obviously to many other people. I did a quick search on Google for Compost Tea and it returned 736,000 results. I think this may just be a sign of the garden to come.

The first question I had about this was, "What kind of tea do they use?" followed very closely by, "How does it taste?" Unfortunately this tea is not for drinking. Somehow my mind just kind of skipped over the word "compost" and was focusing solely on the word "tea." It tends to do that. I must therefore thank Earth Elixer for having the warning "Earth Elixir Compost Tea is NOT for human consumption." posted at the bottom of every page on their site. I might very well have considered tasting some were it not for this stern warning. So:


This important piece of information came to me from the Oak Bay News in an article titled "Fertilizer tea splashes into town."

Now go have a cup,

but remember...
Earth Elixer Compost Tea is NOT for human consumption. (!)


At 10/25/2005 02:11:00 PM, Blogger Madam Potts said...

BTW - Love the Jasmine Poached Pears -- I never did get a chance to do my Jasmine flan.

But you got my vote!

:) Nicole


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