Friday, October 07, 2005

In Japan: Thirst Quenching Tea

In my daily search for interesting tea things I came across a rather entertaining post about drinking tea in Japan from an outsiders perspective.

In Japan: Thirst Quenching Tea

The thing that caught my eye first was not the word anti-diuretic in quotation marks (I noticed that on the second read through.) It was that it seemed to contradict my last post about tea not growing in England with this statement:
"England, as everyone knows starting cultivating wild tea some time during the bronze age and the domesticated tea has been growing on the dales of Yorkshire from time immemorial."
At which point I was hooked. Was it possible that I was wrong and in fact tea had been growing there, wild no less, for a very long time? Perhaps it's one of those secrets "For British eyes only." I assure you that you would have found that last part funny if you had been watching Arrested Development. If not shame on you.

I was glad I had continued reading when I was rewarded with this gem of a description:
" tasted like sawdust and burning. Like water from a muddy puddle in small forest where all the inhabitants died of botulism."
I must admit I may have enjoyed reading that a bit too much. If you like the stuff I tend to have around here then you'll like this post. I've only had the briefest of looks around but it would appear that this post is not the only gem in the batch. I for one am looking forward to his further adventures "In Japan."

Now go have a cup.


The post this links to had a sudden name change from First Quenching Tea to Thirst Quenching Tea so I have adjusted the links and the title of this post. It makes a little more sense now. I was wondering what he meant by that.


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